Its Ramadhan!

hamdulillah.. masih di beri kepanjangan usia untuk sampai kepada Ramadhan 1434H ini! may this Ramadhan become the most memorable Ramadhan of all!! Allahumma Aameen..

for those who know me.. directly or indirectly.. please forgive me for mistakes that i’ve made.. huhu.. 😦

for hearts that i’ve hurts.. specially for beloved mum n dad.. siblings.. families.. friends…

i do apologize!

first phase of Ramadhan has just begun..

lets grab as many reward as we can… inshaa Allah…

most important is sincerity in fulfill our obligation as servant of Allah…

wished all of you a blast Ramadhan!


Ramadhan Kareem


Salam Ramadhan…



100713 | 0911 hours

p/s: sorry for poor english of mine.. salaaaam….. 🙂


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